Our Top Fundraising Tips!

How to make the most of your fundraising

Below are some tips on how to boost your fundraising and maximise your potential... 

Make the first donation to your fundraising yourself. This shows your commitment. Make sure to add a photo of yourself and target amount.

Make it personal. Send tailored messages to friends, asking for their support. Don’t forget to send out a thank you message afterwards.

Start close to home. Ask your friends and family to sponsor you first. Then contact overseas friends, former colleagues, college friends, fellow social club members...anyone you can think of!

Don’t leave your fundraising at home. Promote your fundraising at work, school, the gym, church, the local pub. Use posters, flyers and message boards to spread the word far and wide about what you're doing and WHY. You'll be surprised at the amount of strangers that want to donate to your cause!

Ask to be on your company's website. Workplaces love to promote the fundraising efforts of their staff. Provide your workplace with a great photograph and some wording on what you're doing and why. Why not add a line about what you're up to at the bottom of your work email signature too?!

Spread the word. Use social media to promote your online fundraising page. Every share is worth £5/$7 in donations. We also find that using LIVE video is hugely successful in getting attention and promoting what you're up to. 

Use different channels. Some people will want to hear all about what you are doing in person, whilst others will prefer email - some want a phone call, or to see video clips of you on YouTube. Make sure you cater for all your supporters so that everyone is included - and has the chance to support you.

Update your friends. Engage your supporters when you can - make sure they know where you are up to on your training and sponsorship.

Get creative. Set yourself a challenge to give people an extra reason to donate. Perhaps you'll run a race in fancy dress, or dye your hair blue if you raise over £1000/$1000!

Matched Giving. Check with your employer whether they have a Matched Giving Scheme. Many organisations offer their employees the chance to boost their individual fundraising efforts by ‘matching’ the money they raise. This is a quick and easy way to double your fundraising in an instant! 

It’s never too late. Keep asking for donations, even after your challenge is over. 20% of donations come in after the event has taken place.