The 100 Club

The 100 Club sits at the heart of the philosophy of Walking With The Wounded. The world is ever changing, and so we, and the military charity sector, must evolve in order to be current and relevant. As a charity we consider ourselves to be leading change and we hope The 100 Club will support us in doing so, through thought leadership, influence and commitment to support those men and women who have served our country.


The 100 Club is a group of individuals with a common purpose - to support our servicemen and women, both in the short term through providing direct financial support to Walking With The Wounded’s programmes and in the longer term through their influence and position, and through their desire to assist in change and progress. We hope that the legacy of The 100 Club will ensure that if and when there is another conflict, the support for our servicemen and women is not as fragmented as it is today, the support network is more developed, and the journey back into the civilian world for these remarkable people, who give so much, is transparent and effective.


By enhancing the influence and leadership of The 100 Club, Walking With The Wounded aims to influence a number of areas:


  • The corporate world, the very people who will be employing the men and women who have served. Not only do we want employers to understand their strengths and skills, but we need them to understand the difficulties some face in their transition, and to ensure companies help in preparing these individuals to be ‘work ready’. We also want The 100 Club to challenge corporates CSR strategies, ensuring shareholders and Boards are not just undertaking a box-ticking process.
  • The military charity sector, where we believe further collaboration and consolidation would benefit those we are all trying to support. Reluctance exists to move organisations closer together, but we believe with influence being exerted in the right place, Board of Trustee level, we can see the effectiveness and impact of the sector improving, with significant cost savings being achieved.
  • Politics. While we acknowledge that we are not a lobbying organisation, and do not aspire to be, our members will often have a voice which is heard within Parliament, and we see this as an opportunity to shape change within government. There are structural issues such as the transferability of skills gained with the military, the identification of veterans post service and the stigma surrounding mental health which must be addressed by our politicians. We believe The 100 Club can assist in ensuring the accountability of those we elect is tested.


The amount any individual is able to commit to The 100 Club is entirely up to them. As a group we envisage beneficial networking opportunities for our members, to the benefit of them and The 100 Club. As a group of thought leaders we see significant potential to effect change which will leave a lasting legacy to those who have served, and those who will serve.


Every year The 100 Club will hold a reception for its ambassadors and members so Walking With The Wounded can demonstrate the impact that has been achieved through the fundraising of The 100 Club, as well as introducing some of our beneficiaries to the members who will be able to tell their own stories. During the course of each year the charity will organise informal meetings at which members can discuss how they can effect change, and plan how to exert their influence, under the chairmanship of the Walking With The Wounded Board of Trustees.

If you would like to find out more about The 100 Club, please contact Viveca Johnstone:  01263 863 902