David's Story

“Walking With The Wounded has allowed me to progress back into mainstream society." - David

David joined the Army in 1989 and served with 2 Signal Regiment for 5 years before leaving due to serious physical injuries attained whilst on operational duty. Many years after his discharge, David’s mental health deteriorated significantly and he was subsequently diagnosed with PTSD.

In early 2012, after a prolonged period of alcohol abuse, David realised he was in trouble. He took himself to the nearest clinic and asked for help. He also left his family home and lived in his car for 6 months before ending up living in a tent in his local park.

In September 2012, David was offered a place at Mike Jackson House in Aldersot - a specialist centre for homeless veterans. He was continuing to drink heavily, but faced a harsh wake-up call when he was involved in an incident that he was lucky to walk away from alive. With the support of Mike Jackson House, David made the decision to turn his life around.

Whilst at Mike Jackson House, David also received support from a Walking With The Wounded Employment Advisor.

“WWTW have assisted me on the path to where I want to be by helping me into a career that I love. Their employment programme is necessary in order to provide assistance and encouragement to those who need it most and who often don’t have the motivation or ability to act independently.” – David.

David continued to receive employment support and counselling until he reached a point where he was ready to move into his own flat. David is currently working as an Apprentice Trainee Support Worker.

David says: “I still have some social and mental health issues, but my own strength and determination, coupled with the help and wonderful encouragement of some remarkably dedicated and lovely people, I am certain I can only get better and better! I am now training as a Support Worker for people with learning disabilities by way of an Apprenticeship.”

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