Become a Regular Giver

The lives of the ex-servicemen and women we support, and their families, do not run smooth. COVID-19 is a reminder that in life we adapt and overcome.

Walking With The Wounded is an events based charity. As a result of COIVD-19 some of our major events have been postponed, but this is only an inconvenience compared to the stress and anxiety of unemployment, depression, physical and mental injury, homelessness and suicidal thoughts that our beneficiaries live with.

By setting up a regular gift by Direct Debit you help us plan ahead with confidence, knowing your support is there behind us so that we can continue to support our beneficiaries.  

Why not donate the price of a pint / a meal / a Netflix subscription each month which can save someone else’s job, marriage, home or life. 

Give a monthly gift to help celebrate our 10th Anniversary. You can sign up to be a regular giver here